Thursday, January 20, 2011


Malay Traditional Dance, Mak Yong...
Mak Yong?
what the hell is that?
i never heard of that kind of name before..
is it an aunty from somewhere?
or is it the cleaner's name?
is it a name for eldest sister in Perak's family title?

it's a traditional dance in Malay customs..
this is one of several things in my presentations..
maybe i will be present it next week or the week after holidays..
but today, i just searching aboout the dance...

it's was a famous dance practise in Kelantan...
as for your information..
i am in Kelantan..
so it is not performed everyday..
it was performed on certain events...
such as in some village..
they make a day as a day for Mak Yong dance..

it's actually not just a dance..
most preferable was a theater..
traditional theater in Kelantan..
if we talk about theater...
of course you will thought of so many casting happened..
well, in this dance, only several people perform this act..
most of it perform by 7 or 8 people...

it was starting by dancing by the music...
then, some performer will be acting..
usually the acting was a comedy...
so, it is an entertaining show...

other things like Kuda Kepang, Zapin, Mak Inang dance etc.
i also should present it later...
so, better start typing now..

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