Monday, January 24, 2011


birthday party?
birthday present?
what the hell is that??
i never had one of those..
every year..
i got wishes only..
i mean, ONLY wishes..
hell no..
way from that..
i celebrated my birthday alone..
i got jealous to my friends..
they got present and celebrated together with others..
and the most jealous one is me..
same goes to my family..
my siblings got what they wanted for their birthday...
if it is not a present..
they surely got to eat at restaurant..
but me?
i'm the most silence and jealous to them..
i felt so apart from them...

i'm not saying that i really really want a birthday party...
it's just..
ok fine!
i am really wanting a birthday party..
if not a present will do..
because i'm so jealous of my friends got present...
jealous, jealous and more jealousy..

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