Monday, December 27, 2010


it's an award show for the distribution in film and drama...
the theme is 'glamourous night'...
the host for the night is Awal Ashaari and Vanidah Imran...
so it's a glamour fashion show on the red carpet...
but i would like to tell the result...

Film Category:
Best Film: Muallaf
Best Male Actor: Bront Palarae (Belukar)
Best Female Actress: Sharifah Amani (Muallaf)
Best Film Director: Yasmin Ahmad (Muallaf)
Best Female Asisstant Actress: Fazura (Pisau Cukur)
Best Male Assistant Actress: Aaron Aziz (Evolusi KL Drift 2)
Best Film Production: Shamsul Yusof (Evolusi KL Drift 2)

Drama/Series Drama/Comedy Series Drama
Best Drama: Antara Garisan
Best Male Actor: Fauzi Nawawi (Sebelum Akhirat)
Best Female Actress: Norkhiriah (Antara Garisan)
Best Male Assistant Actor: Azma Aizal Yusoof (Antara Garisan)
Best Female Assistant Actress: Fadilah Mansor (Sebelum Akhirat)
Best Drama Director: Murali Abdullah (Sebelum Akhirat)
Best Drama Production : Shahrul Ezad Mohamedin (Antara Garisan)
Best Chained-Drama: Nur Kasih
Best Comedy Drama: Simpang 3

Inside Production Category
Best Dokumentary/Magazine: Epik Suatu Ketika (Laskar Senoi) (Astro Prima)
Best Dialogue Show: Isu Khas Gaza Palestin Kami Bersamamu (RTM)
Best Musical Show: Anugerah Juara Lagu 24 (TV3)
Best Entertaining Show: Anugerah Bintang Popular
Best Reality Show: Showdown 2010 Episod 10 (8TV)
Best Special Report/News: Aduan Rakyat Berbumbung Langit (TV3)
Best Videography: Datang Bulan
Yasmin Ahmad Award: Shaheizy Sam

the result was very satisfying....
especially Yasmin Ahmad Award...
Shaheizy Sam deserved to won that award...
his capabilities proved his effort in this arena...
all the winner will going on a trip to Hollywood...
i'm so jealous of them...
so congratulations for them...

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